Alan Geller

b. 1927, New York City, NY

d. 2018, San Francisco, CA

As a young man, Alan Geller studied painting in New York, both at the Art Students League and the Brooklyn Museum. He had additional studies in Paris, France. A resident of San Francisco for a great deal of his life, he was steeped in the culture of North Beach, and the colors of the fog and bay. An avid traveler, Mr. Geller was primarily known as a photographer, capturing landscapes and cityscapes from around the world. The elements and structures of these scenes can be found throughout his paintings.

In his own words:

"These paintings were created over a period of about 50 years. Several were inspired by real objects, but most were not and are essentially non-objective. That is, they start with a gesture and evolve out of themselves. Each non-objective painting is the result of harmonizing an initial impulse and the evolving dynamics that are generated. The different elements of each painting create tensions which hopefully combine in a satisfying unity.

Some people see real things in them, but that has to do with their imaginations, not mine. The names given each should, for the most part, be disregarded; they are there to help differentiate the pictures, not suggest any meaning."

The paintings shown here are available for sale. Paintings are oil on canvas, unless stated otherwise. Click on image for larger size and information.



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