Emily J. Pratt


Emily is an artist living in N.E. Portland. Her work reflects a curiosity for weathered objects and environments. She is inspired by the process of finding and transforming three-dimensional materials into two-dimensional art. Growing up in Syracuse, New York fostered an affection for metal artifacts. The dilapidated industrial spaces that once offered hope and progress relate to the history of place and purpose. Through-out her creative practice she has collected worn, rusted materials to explore the beauty in resilience and space. From the challenging physicality of making the work, to the heartiness of the pieces themselves, Emily’s work reflects strength. Assembling hints of memory, each piece offers a new narrative for the materials she finds. Emily hand-cuts old tin and other metal treasures, then uses hammer and nails to create her metal compositions. She deconstructs materials to sanctify the lasting and longing relationship we have with the manmade past.

EPratt-Hollow Sky.jpg

Hollow Sky