Judi Goldblatt Studio

"I have been making art my whole life. Through the years I’ve worked in various media, including oils,
clay, photography, stained glass and, of course, metal. The techniques and aesthetics learned from
these different methods inform my work as a metalsmith."

With concepts garnered from diverse art forms, such as composition, painterliness, line and light, Judi Goldblatt Studio balances and blends metal and stone. Sheet and wire, hammer and fire; these are the four main tools of fabrication. While utilizing many techniques, Judi Goldblatt primarily hand fabricates, producing jewelry designs that are comfortable to wear and beautifully crafted. 

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Judi Goldblatt Studio's artwear jewelry can be purchased at www.judigoldblattstudio.com.


'Everyday' jewelry designs can currently be purchased on Etsy (under the name Curly Girl Jewelry) at www.etsy.com/shop/curlygirlglass.