Kirsten A. Moore 

Kirsten A. Moore​ is the proprietress of Piper Ewan, a fashion, design, and illustration company in Portland, Oregon. In 2013, she started drawing a bird a day in ink to hone her drawing skills, and to possibly translate to surface designs on corsets for her fashion design business. The project was supposed to last a year. Since then, illustration has taken over her life. She has been showing her illustration work since 2014.

Kirsten moved to Portland when she was six months old, and has lived here ever since. She earned her bachelor's degree in Music from Portland State University in 1995. In her spare time, she pets cats, talks to crows and knits piles of shawls.

Her website is If you want to see what she is working on day-to-day, check her out on Instagram @piperewan.

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